Golf and Back Pain

Golf and Back Pain

Golf and your Spine:
How your Chiropractor can help Golf and Back Pain

Are you a keen golf player who has been suffering with golf-related back pain?

Golf instructors estimate that 80-100% of golfers’ swing problems begin from faulty posture.  Therefore, having a Chiropractor evaluate your posture should be the first and most important step toward building an optimal golf swing.

Most postural faults are caused by muscle and ligament tissue imbalances that pull a golfers body out of alignment, or a misalignment in spinal bones. The result of an unbalanced or asymmetrical standing posture will always be unbalanced and decreased performance.

Over a long period of time, playing with faulty posture will often result in more frequent injuries and chronic low back pain, not to mention poor scores. In the UK 80% of the population suffer lower back pain.

Cynics may say that golf is not really an active sport compared with cycling or tennis. Not true.  Many avid golfers contort their bodies into oddly twisted postures, generating a great deal of torque (rotational twisting force) on the back.

Couple this motion with a bending back, repeat 90 to 120 times over three or four hours, add the fatigue that comes with several miles of walking, and you’ve got a good workout-and a recipe for potential lower back trouble.

Golfers who are serious about their game and who want to go on playing pain-free for many years, will take a pro-active approach. They get their backs in good condition and keep them that way. The other approach is to wait until the pain starts and then seek a solution.

There is no doubt that having a spine in good condition and having a regular spinal exercise routine are your best options for giving you years of pain-free golf.

Nerves control every muscle in your spine.  A pinched nerve will decrease performance. On the average, our golfing patients will decrease their handicap by two when they improve the condition of their spine.

Two might not sound like much to the uninitiated, but it can be the difference between winning and losing. Many professional golfers such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson rely on chiropractors to increase their performance.

To find out if chiropractic could increase your performance in golf please call us on 01922 56700 to arrange a Chiropractic Consultation.


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