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At our Aldridge based clinic, we offer the latest and the most innovative diagnostic technology. These include our digital chiropractic scan and our posture analysis screening.

Both are extremely useful in finding out more about the underlying cause of your discomfort. They are also non-invasive and both pain and stress free!

Digital Chiropractic Scan (MyoVision)

Chiropractic Scan | MyoVision | Portland Chiropractic Clinic

Portland Chiropractic Clinic offer digital spine scans at our Aldridge, Walsall based clinic. The scan uses MyoVision technology, a super hi-tech piece of equipment that was originally developed for NASA! The MyoVision scan takes little time, is painless, non-invasive and is completely safe for all patients (including children, elderly and pregnant women).

Chiropractic Scan | Goal and Results | Portland Chiropractic Clinic | MyoVision Scan | Walsall, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield How stressed is your spine?

The clever MyoVision scanning device reads the voltage that the muscles in your spine naturally emit.

Our readings from the scan show the levels and patterns of this voltage. The intelligent software then displays this information in an easy to read, colour-coded, on-screen representation.

This information allows our chiropractors to determine if your spine and nervous system are functioning optimally.

You can see instantly any stress or tension in the muscles or where they may be under performing.

Based on your scan findings, you will receive helpful information and advice from one of our experienced chiropractors, we will also either send or give you a copy of your scan at the end of your visit.


Posture Analysis

At Portland Chiropractic Clinic we are concerned about all aspects of you wellness care. This is why we offer a comprehensive Posture Analysis and emailed report of our findings.

Maintaining good posture is crucial in order for our bodies to function properly – the Posture Analysis will help show us and you your posture habits. From your results we can then give you helpful information and advice.


Interested in our Chiropractic Scan and Posture Analysis Services?

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