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Chiropractic Treatment at Portland Chiropractic Clinic
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Chiropractic Treatment at Portland Chiropractic Clinic
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Chiropractic Treatment at Portland Chiropractic Clinic
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At Portland Chiropractic Clinic we provide several chiropractic services that we cater to each individual patient. One of our techniques includes Diversified Chiropractic


What is diversified chiropractic?

The Diversified technique (also known as the classic chiropractic technique) is the most prominently used and recognised method of chiropractic treatment and is taught in all chiropractic colleges.

As the name suggests, this technique can be used to treat many of the joints in the body. It was designed to restore normal joint and neurological function to the area that is being addressed. With this restored function comes pain relief and a decrease in your symptoms.


How does diversified chiropractic work?

No instruments are used in this adjusting procedure. The Diversified manipulation/adjustment is delivered by using high-velocity and low-amplitude thrusts which are done by using the hand and often with assistance from the adjustment table. X-Rays and case histories are used in analysis and diagnosis.

This hands-on technique give a deeper adjustment and results in a cavitation of the joint – this just means when we give the quick and shallow thrusts, they cause the ‘popping noise’ which is commonly associated with chiropractic treatment.

Diversified chiropractic treatment can help…

Diversified chiropractic in Walsall, West Midlands

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Walsall then please contact our Aldridge clinic located just outside of Walsall Town Centre.

Our flexible opening times mean we have a range of immediate appointments available to suit everybody!

Please call us on 01922 456 700

or you can alternatively email us at info@portland-chiropractic.co.uk


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