How does Chiropractic work ?

Healthy Body
How does a healthy body work?

Your spine is the core foundation of health and strength in your body.

The process begins in your brain, which controls All FUNCTIONS of your body. ENERGY from your brain moves down your spinal cord which acts as a lifeline delivering this energy through the nerves to ALL of the vital organs and cells in your body.

Healthy curves and spinal structure allow maximum energy to flow through your system, as well as provide core strength and flexibility for optimal performance.

A healthy body works by a series of messages, thousands of messages every second, sent from our brain down through our spinal cord and out through one of the major nerve roots to the massive network of nerves that run throughout our body.  These messages control every vital organ system and part of our body.  Absolutely nothing happens without our brain sending these messages through this route.  Then, a monitor message is sent back to our brain saying ‘I’m ok’ or ‘I’m not okay’.  The ‘I’m not okay’ message often shows up in the form of some kind of pain or irritation or symptom.

Our brain and nervous system control everything from our bowels to our immune system.  When that nervous system is irritated or interfered with through a spinal misalignment or subluxation, the nervous system suffers from impaired function – meaning our body is unable to operate at its full potential.


A subluxation (sub-lux-ay-shun) is a condition where trauma or stresses of everyday life has shifted individual vertebrae or entire sections of your spine from their normal, healthy positions, impacting your overall health, vitality, and strength.

Without getting too technical a subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that causes interference and irritation to the nervous system.  Your spine has 24 bones that sit on top of each other with discs in between – these bones are called vertebrae.  Major nerve roots exit the spine from either side of each and every vertebrae.  Each of these nerve roots is directly connected to the spinal cord which runs from the brain stem all the way down the centre of your spine, the vertebrae and discs protect the spinal cord.

Is it possible to have more than one misalignment or subluxation?

Absolutely, often a patient undergoing chiropractic care is being treated for more than one subluxation.

When patients consult with a Doctor of Chiropractic they do so with a main complaint such as low back pain, mid-back pain, headaches or neck pain amongst others.  However, often when asked, the patient is suffering from other organ problems and symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), period pain, indigestion, pins and needles amongst others.  This is often caused by the subluxations causing irritation or interference to the nervous system.  This is why these other problems often improve as the chiropractic schedule of care progresses and normal nerve function is restored.

Is a subluxation serious?

It depends what you consider serious.  If you consider the fact that you are unable to live your life without pain and suffering from all kinds of irritating symptoms such as those above, then yes it is serious.  Some people choose to cover up these symptoms with medicine and others choose to get regularly adjusted with natural chiropractic care.

You are always better off with a well functioning nervous system and in order for that to be the case one needs to be subluxation free.

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