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Sports Injury Clinic and Sports Massage Therapy near Birmingham and Walsall


Is the repetitive strain of sport taking its toll on your body?

Portland Clinic provides chiropractic treatment and massage for sports people of all ages and abilities.


Sports massage therapy

massageQualified chiropractor Richard Taylor is also a level 5 BTEC qualified sports and remedial massage therapist, having trained at the London School of Sports Massage. Richard, an ex-international gymnast, understands the benefits chiropractic and massage can give sports enthusiasts.

We are not just concerned with the treatment of current sports-related injuries, but in how to prevent them in the first place. Whether you are a professional sports person or someone who plays sports for fun, we can help optimise your performance.



How can sports chiropractic help me and my sports injuries?

It is possible that a person can have a mechanical dysfunction without being aware of any symptoms. When this is the case, you are not only prone to injury when applying additional effort, but, as you are already not functioning as you should, you will not be able to perform at maximum capability.

How often a sports patient needs to visit Portland Chiropractic varies from individual to individual and depends on whether you want to prevent a problem or fix an existing one. Age, fitness and competition level are also important considerations in determining how often you should visit Portland Chiropractic

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