Sports Injury Clinic Walsall: Treating Sports Injuries With Sports Massage Therapy

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What is the best way of avoiding sports injuries?

The answer is prevention. Prevention does not mean avoiding a hard tackle in a football match. No, the best prevention is the warm up and warm down process and it is surprising how many sportsmen and women still ignore this crucial part of the game. So, it is no wonder why we see many sports enthusiasts at our clinic who need chiropractic treatment and sports massage therapy!

Why is warming up so important?

When you think about it it’s obvious. Imagine that you have just started a rugby match and you are required to challenge for a ball, the adrenalin has already started to flow with the excitement of the competition and you stretch out your leg to the its full stretch.

The muscles, tendons and ligaments are being asked to go from a state of relaxation to a state of full power with no warning in between. This is bound to cause an injury of some kind and if you enter sport with this approach then inevitably you will injure something.

However, if you slowly stretch your muscles, tendons and ligaments over a 10-15 minute period before the match begins they will be in a state of readiness and an injury is far less likely to happen. You will always see professional sportsmen warming up before an event.

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How can Chiropractic help when I do experience an injury?

Many sports injuries involve damage to the spine. Spinal injuries can restrict the range of motion, slow reflexes, reduce strength, decrease performance and shorten endurance. When the nervous system is working well, co-ordination is also improved and good co-ordination is vital in all sports.

Treating Sports Injuries with Sports Massage Therapy

It is advisable to get a full assessment with your chiropractor first and foremost. An assessment, examination, X-ray and digital muscle scan will help in identifying the cause of the injury. Sometimes chiropractic will be advised and sometimes sports massage therapy and sometimes a combination of both.

Sports massage therapy is an excellent treatment for treating soft tissue injuries. This helps to increase blood flow to tendons aiding the healing process and get you back to doing the sport you love doing so much.

Is it only contact sports that affect the spine?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We see many golfers who have caused injury to the spine because of the repetitive twisting when taking a shot. We also see gymnasts, cyclists, tennis players, the list is endless. Why? Because it is not always the sport that has caused the injury. Sometimes the injury can be caused by something unrelated to the sport – the sport simply acts as the trigger.

Whatever sport you enjoy, regular spinal check-ups are advisable.

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