W Aherne, Aldridge

Many Thanks to Richard – with my back problems the progress made over the last weeks has been excellent.

The Clinic is very professionally run with friendly and dedicated staff.

D Palmer, Walsall

I’ve had a lot of back problems but now it’s a lot easier! I’ve got more movement and I am more in control than before. I can recommend the treatment I have had. Thank you all!


R Barnes, Sutton Coldfield

I came with a shoulder and neck injury, I was frustrated as it meant I had to give up Karate which is my favourite past time. I have a friend who had to give up karate for a couple of years with the same injury which concerned me. Thanks to the treatment and advice, I was on the road to recovery within a few months rather than a few years and I am now enjoying karate again and training towards my black belt

L Bosworth, Walsall

I have scoliosis in my spine which was diagnosed when I was 15, plus 2 years ago I injured my right knee which caused the knee to be twisted and painful; also my right foot twisted when walking. I hoped the treatment would help my leg but I did not expect anything to be done for my back.

From the first treatment I noticed a difference, my back was looser and felt straighter and my lower back pain had gone. After the 3rd treatment I noticed my leg was almost straight an exercises I had not been able to do without pain for 2 years I could now do easily, finally after 6 treatments my pelvis is now straight which it has not been for 45 YEARS and my leg is now straight!

I cannot endorse this treatment highly enough it is quick, easy and suitable for anyone and above all IT WORKS!

S Ryan, Aldridge

I am Sue Ryan, 65 years young, retired NHS technologist.

I was having back spasms following gardening etc. I have osteo-arthritis in many joints, have had a limp from the age of 30 and tended to drag my left foot.

The treatment is very gentle and after the 1st time I no longer limped or dragged my foot! My hips feel looser and I have much less muscle tension.

The chiropractors puts me at ease are friendly but professional. The clinic is in a beautifully restored Victorian house close to the centre of Aldridge and has several parking spaces.

If you have problems, give this a go. I’m so glad I did!

A.E. Round, Willenhall

I am 84 years old and for many years I have suffered severe back pain caused by spinal stenosis. Despite having injections in my spine several times, physio, traction, acupuncture, wearing a corset, using a tens machine and attending pain clinics,, I have had very little relief at all. Then recently I saw an advert for Portland Chiropractic. I made an appointment with Richard and after only three sessions I feel asif I am getting somewhere at last. I can now stand up straight and walk better with less pain. I know this is early days but I look forward to more improvement in the near future.

A James, Walsall

I feel so pleased that I can now put my socks and tights on in a morning. For years this has been a difficulty but now having had chiropractic treatment I can bend to do this task quite easily. So I can wholeheartedly recommend the Portland Chiropractic Clinic.

J Williams, Walsall

I have arthritis in my knees and hands. I had very bad pain in my neck and shoulders. I had a hard time falling asleep. i started to feel better after the first few weeks. Now I feel so much better. I still have work to do but Richard is so patient, I love coming in.

D Phillips, Birmingham

My lower back ached. I tried everything. Portland Chiropractic knew exactly what was wrong. After a few adjustments I am now in a lot less pain and feel healthier. I visit every so often to keep things in check and really feel I have benefited. I trust Richard’s advice and would not hesitate to recommend him.

P Yardley, Sutton Coldfield

I work at a desk for long hours during the day. I had a lot of neck pain. It hurt and I’m too young for those types of aches and pains. I dealt with it for three years. Within a month I was pain free and could’nt believe how well I could move my neck.

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